Helpful Tips For Reducing Stress

Stressed life

Having a hard and confusing life made me stressed a lot. Losing some people in a row and having problems with finding a job and that brings the problems with money I was stressed every day. I didn’t know how to manage my life and how to overcome my problems because I was alone. Living alone sometimes is very bad, especially for someone like me. I am a communicative person and I love to be around people. But because of the money problems I needed to move into an apartment with a lower rent and all of my friends were hours away and we could get together, have fun in order to forget about my problems and reduce my stress. Anyway, I found other things to lower my stress. I really got better and I was able to find a more suitable job and get on my feet faster. I know how bad is to be under stress that is why I decided to help everyone that has the same problem. Read these tips and chose which will help you in reducing the stress.

Tips for reducing stress

  • Accept that there are events that occur you can’t take control over them;
  • Be positive and do not define the negatives, stay positive;
  • If you are overwhelmed, take a slow drive or take a walk to avoid getting angry at other people;
  • Manage the time you have. Make a list what you need to do and how to prepare for events that are coming;
  • Do things that will make you relaxed, maybe reading, gardening, watching TV or other thing you feel like doing;
  • Take 15-20 minutes of your time every day to stay quiet and relaxed. It is good to practice yoga or other relaxation techniques;
  • Exercise regularly. Chose which one is your favorite exercise, not something you don’t like. Maybe is bicycling, hiking, jogging, walking, or working out at home or the gym. Your body will fight the stress when you are fit.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid alcohol;
  • Eat well balanced meals, healthy diet;
  • Sleeping plays an important goal in reducing stress, so get enough sleep and rest. It will help recovering stressful events;
  • Find social support. Friends, family or groups is a great way to reduce stress and from my point of you most successful one.

Reduce Your Stress By Playing Games

Why Games?

Everyone is feeling happier when they are doing something fun and enjoyable. Playing games is really fun and this increases happiness and communication and reduces depression, stress, anxiety and worries. You need to play a game at least 30 minutes a day to refresh yourself, mentally and physically. Just like activities like yoga and meditation, games reduce stress easily and are entertaining and of course easily accessible. The answer is simple: people feel better when they are doing something enjoyable.

Types of Stress Relief Games

The stress relief games can be put in three categories:

  1. Outdoor Stress Relief Games: These are games like playing tennis, basketball, football or baseball. Outdoor games are similar to exercise and are great to relive stress. They are like a safety outlet for depression, frustration and worries. It helps by reducing the stress hormone levels in your body. But, of course, with this type of game you won’t just reduce your stress but also you will control your weight and improve metabolism. These types of games are filled with laughter, joy, conversation and this refresh mind and body.
  2. Indoor Stress Relief Games: Under this category are the traditional games like card games, charades, chess, monopoly, backgammon, ludo, crosswords, and other similar games. It is great that are played with people so they are communicative type of games too. Indoor games are like meditation. Your mind will be focused only on the game and the stress will flow away without even noticing.
  3. Online Stress Relief Games: Online games are very good for stress relief, for me is one of the best. The games like paintball, Sudoku, puzzles and similar games will reduce the stress.

All of the three game types will help us to calm down and reduce stress instantly.

Reduce Your Stress With Activities

There are so many ways to reduce tension and to stay relaxed, and I wasn’t aware that activities can actually help reduce stress. There were many activities to do and I just didn’t know which one to choose and so I tried some in order to find the one I like. Here are some activates I tried and they all helped, but I have chosen meditation. How was it possible that I didn’t meditate before it is so cool and stress free.

  1. Breathing Exercises
    Deep breathing is an easy way to let the stress out from you by relaxing your muscles and your mind. I chose to try the breathing exercises because it can be done anywhere and it works quickly, even if you are too occupied, at work or at home. If you want to start this activity, it is good to try The Karate Breathing Meditation it is great for beginners. This activity can be done everywhere too, and by doing it will reduce the stress and you will be more proactive. You will be able to face any stress events in the future.
  2. Meditation
    Meditation is proven to be one of the most effective activities for stress relief. Medication is based on deep breathing, but it takes one step further. With meditation your brain will enter the area that is similar to sleep, but has more benefits than other states. Actually, mediation allows building resilience for the stress after some time. Mediation is focused on the present moment, so that won’t allow you to think about the things that make you stressed out.
  3. Visualizations
    Visual yourself how you achieve your goals and you will become instantly relaxed and filled with joy. Visual how you handle some conflicts and that the results are successful. Also, see yourself that you are doing well on some tasks you will be able to deal with conflicts better. Even that I will do meditation I love to visual myself in the future, it is really fun and it gets my hopes up.
  4. Yoga
    Do you know that Yoga dates over 5 thousand years back? It is the oldest self-improvement practice. Yoga is made of several stresses techniques like, meditation, imagery, breathing and movement. For this you will need more energy and more time, but the benefits are amazingly high.

There are a lot more other activates for reducing stress and you can easily find them online and chose which will suit you the most.

Manage The Stress By Avoiding Stressful Situations

Identify the sources of stress in your life

Before managing your stress, you need to know what triggered it. Yes, it sounds very easy, just like I thought but it isn’t. Usually the true source cannot be identified. Maybe you will think that it is a stress from work or stress, losing something but sometimes it is not that easy. Sometimes the stress comes from something you have had in the past, would that be a stressful event or stressful moment.

Here is what helped me to identify the stress source. I looked closely into my attitude, excuses and habits:

  • Is your stress temporary?
  • Is your stress part of your work or home life?
  • Is your stress making you blame it on people or events and to see this as a normal thing?

Until you accepted that you are stressed and you don’t deny that you won’t be able to take control of it.

Avoid unnecessary stress

Avoiding stress doesn’t mean that you must avoid all situations that are a bit stressful. There is a situation that needs to be addressed and not to leave it unsolved. It can result in bigger stress after the time has passed to solve it. I am going to tell you types of stress you can avoid in order to reduce your stress and not to make the stress more efficient.

Learn how to say “no” – Everyone knows their limits, so do you and stick to them. This goes both for professional and personal life. Taking responsibilities or actions is the recipe for a huge stress. So, say no when you see that you can’t get that reasonability.

Avoid people who stress you– If you can’t change how a relationship goes with a friend, your love one or someone from your family than try to avoid them. Limit the time you spend with him/her or end the relationship. If you want to take it easy then try talking with them.

Controlling your environment – If something that is broadcasted on TV then why don’t you just turn your TV off. Maybe traffic makes you stressed, then take a longer route where there isn’t a lot of traffic. If going shopping is unpleasant for you then do it online, at least we have that choice today.

Once you get a hold on these examples, you will understand how to see what is actually stressing you even more; I can guarantee you because this is how I got through my stress.